Monday, November 2, 2009

The Golden Life is the Student Life

The Golden Life

The student life is the period of life which the childern and adolesents study in schools snd collegers. It is caled the golden period of life as the students are free of all sorts of anxieties and family burden. Students life is the most important period of our life since the future of men wholly depends up on the student life.

Student life though free,is the most dangerous period of life. The changes for a person are most dangerous period of life. The changes for a person to be leaded towards wrong path are most in this stage. So, parents and teachers should pay attention for them. This stage means happy and joyfull period. In which, student gain knowledge and decide about his/her future. This time, if students work hard then he/she gets complete change in their future.

The most important things in students life are decipline and punctuality without decipline students are like a bird without wings. Punctualitys is the exact time to again knowledge. It has many advantages, like they gain knowledge from their teacher and parents, they learn new things etc. They should not waste their time for merry and gossiping. Time once gone is gone. It neverwaits for anyone. child can be old but old person can not be a child.

parents and teacher have to guide their children and as a students, they not only forget about their future but also they get chance to join the bad company which directly harm for their future and indirectly for their life style.

In teenagers stage childern don't get any idea that what is right "or" what is wrong? so they went on to have such a bad habit which badly effect for their studies as well their character too.

Guidence is also not sufficient for chid they should be properly treated by parents and teacher. When a chid make a fault in any work or when he/she may fail in subject then parents should not scold them. You have to make them understhand that Up comming future is only yours so make by yourself then a child sure take a right position.